2017 SPARC Field Day Announcement

Sent to Banning and Beaumont officials via email from Steve Higbee (AJ6LN):

The local amateur radio club, San Gorgonio Pass Amateur Radio Club, will be taking part in amateur radio’s annual Field Day event at Dysart Park at the south end of 22nd Street.

Radio amateurs (Hams) throughout the US and Canada set up portable stations and operate for 24 hours, often from city parks and, for some hams, remote sites in the mountains.

Two common goals are to successfully operate portable radio stations with only emergency power and to make as many contacts possible across the country and around the world. Our club, however, does not seek the most contacts during the event, as we believe it more important to familiarize the public with amateur radio’s capabilities in this very-connected world.

Because Field Day is considered an emergency operations drill, the City allows our club to operate from Dysart Park.

On Saturday, June 24, we shall provide lunch, including heart-healthy (light) ice cream for club attendees and for visitors.  You are invited to join us.  You might even take a turn on a mic and send out a call.

73, (seven-three is ham radio for “best regards”)

Author: KD6ZJZ

KD6ZJZ Licensed in 1992